Disney’s ‘Frozen’ meet-and-greet at Epcot to continue indefinitely – UPDATED

Frozen EpcotThe characters of Disney’s “Frozen” are still appearing for meet-and-greets over in Epcot’s Norway pavilion, and currently, there are no plans to take them away. Actually, Doctor Disney personally got a big update today from Disney regarding Anna and Elsa’s future.

In late 2013, the meet-and-greet location in Norway was established and then extended through the end of January, 2014. Now, here we are into February and it’s still going strong.

The meet-and-greet location has even started testing extended hours meaning Anna and Elsa will be out from 9:00 a.m. (Epcot park opening) until 6:00 or 6:30 p.m. each night. This is in place even with the rest of World Showcase officially opening at 11:00 a.m. as normal.

It has been confirmed that both Anna and Elsa will be in the new Festival of Fantasy parade that will be coming to the Magic Kingdom this Spring, but that doesn’t mean their meet-and-greet location at Epcot will be ending.

As one high-up Cast Member told me today:

“Disney really didn’t expect the two-to-five hour wait times for Anna and Elsa. It’d be foolish to take them away now and it just wouldn’t be logical.”

When asked how long they would be there, a definite answer is not to be found at this time:

“It’s hard to say. There is no definite word that they would become a permanent attraction, but if they were to become one, they certainly couldn’t stay where they are now. That location was aimed to be temporary from the start, but now they’re still there…and should be. But if they’re going to find a permanent home in Norway, we’ve got to find them a better location.”

That makes perfect sense as currently the queue line stretches near the Mexico pavilion, around the Viking ship, around the front of the Stave Church, and then gets cut off. From there, guests wait until the roped off in-and-out line near the exit of the Norway store lessens some before being sent to it.

For now, Anna and Elsa are in place to stay…but there’s no telling how long they could be there for.

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