Walkway Behind Cinderella Castle To Be Widened In Magic Kingdom

Over the last few years, the hub in front of Cinderella Castle was expanded to help traffic flow better at Magic Kingdom, but there are still a few pile-ups. That is why Disney is going to be widening another walkway and this one resides to the side of and behind Cinderella Castle.

walt disney world cinderella castle walkway

Guests will soon begin seeing work done on the narrow walkway that takes them from Liberty Square to Fantasyland as well as the reverse. The walkway leads directly from Sleepy Hollow Refreshments to the Sleeping Beauty fountain, and it’s actually quite the peaceful spot.

Still, it is rather narrow and can bottleneck quite often. Honestly, the walkway can become almost impossible to walk through during busier times and if strollers or wheelchairs/ECVs end up utilizing it.

During this same time, there will be work done on the moat surrounding Cinderella Castle which will cause portions of it to be drained.

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