On-Ride PhotoPass Has Arrived For The Haunted Mansion At Magic Kingdom

A number of attractions throughout Walt Disney World offer on-ride PhotoPass options for guests, but now, there is another and it is sure to follow you home. Starting today (April 2, 2019), Haunted Mansion in Magic Kingdom will allow guests to have a picture with a ghost.

haunted mansion on-ride photo

The 13th (fitting number) Walt Disney World attraction to feature photo capture opportunities is the Haunted Mansion, and it is pretty awesome. Guests need to realize that there will not be any preview screens for photos and everything will go straight to your My Disney Experience account or the PhotoPass center or PhotoPass website.

That being said, guests wanting to have a photo taken on Haunted Mansion must be wearing a MagicBand or have their MagicBand 2 icon in a MagicKeeper to have it linked to your MDE account. If you don’t have one with you when riding Haunted Mansion, the photo will not register.


For those wondering about the location of the camera, it is near the very beginning of the attraction. Upon boarding your DoomBuggy, you will enter the lighting-filled hallway with portraits on one side. The final two portraits are of the horseman and Medusa, those photos are now the camera and will take your picture as you pass.

The flash of the camera is nicely incorporated with the lightning outside of the mansion.

haunted mansion on ride photopass

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  2. Lee Ann Cameron says

    Sadly as a Gold Member Annual passholder we are blocked out for the April 13th day that they are going to do the unique outdoors added pixie dust photos. Silver too

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