‘Walk Around The World’ Bricks Being Removed At Walt Disney World – New Chance To Own One

It has already been confirmed that Epcot will be taking the Leave A Legacy monuments and moving them outside of the park, but now, another big change is coming. Walt Disney World will have the Walk Around The World bricks removed soon from the Seven Seas Lagoon area and Magic Kingdom.

walk around the world disney bricks

The bricks which line a walkway near Magic Kingdom and the Transportation & Ticket Center have been in place for decades and were only set to be in place for decades, and now soon, many of them will be removed as new projects are started. Those projects include additional metal detectors, bag screen security checkpoints, walkway alterations, and tram loading zones.

As more projects are put in place, the rest of the bricks will also be removed.

The bricks were originally set to be in place only until 2011. So, anyone who has a brick has had them there for at least eight years longer than the initial plan.

With the bricks not being able to be removed one-by-one, guests who purchased one will not be able to get their original brick. Disney is offering up the chance, though, for guests to receive a similar one to commemorate their original purchase.

Guests must get their bricks by August 31, 2019, and here is how to do it.

In person:

  • Starting March 18, 2019, Guests can stop by City Hall at Magic Kingdom Park or Guest Relations at Disney Springs to verify their previous brick by sharing the name and hometown of the Guest who sponsored it.
  • After verification, they will be given a one-time use voucher to present by, or before Aug. 31, 2019, at Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. (at Magic Kingdom Park – separate theme park admission required) or the Marketplace Co-Op (at Disney Springs), enabling you to purchase one commemorative 6” brick at a special price of $10 (plus tax).

If guests cannot make it to the park in person:

  • Guests should email guest.services@disneyworld.com or call 407-828-2701 with the name and hometown of the Guest who sponsored the brick.
  • After verification, they will be provided a code to use by, or before Aug. 31, 2019, on shopDisney.com to purchase one commemorative 6” brick at a special price of $10 (plus tax and shipping) starting this spring. This code is for one-time use and will only be valid on shopDisney.com and may not be redeemed in person or at any other location. (Limit one voucher or code per verified Guest.)

For guests who did not purchase one of the bricks during the original time they were being sold, you will also be able to get one of your own. The “Walk Around The World” bricks will be a 6” brick ($29.99 plus tax – available now), 8” brick ($49.99 plus tax – available now) and ornament ($24.99 plus tax – on sale soon), all with customization included. These customizable stations are at Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. (at Magic Kingdom Park) or the Marketplace Co-Op (at Disney Springs), or on shopDisney.com starting this spring.

For those who have a brick already in place, you may want to get those last pictures of it in while you can.

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  1. I want on

  2. Nicole Christensen says

    When will the original bricks begin being removed? I know my parents purchased one when we were kids but I haven’t any idea where it is — I’d like the chance to find it and take a picture before it’s removed.

  3. Omg! How much MORE can they take from us? We are DVC members and they keep taking things awY and adding costs that were NEVER divulged when we signed our contract!!!!
    We have two memberships as well as purchasing four more memberships one for each daughter.

    • The bricks were never meant to be permanent and it was never said that they were. Actually, they were originally only supposed to be in place until 2011, so, anyone with a brick had it there for at least eight years longer than first stated.

      So, they are taking away something long after it was supposed to be gone.

    • disneyguy says

      bricks were only suppose to be there till 2011!! You got an extra 8 years out of them!! Now shut up and give Disney more of your money!!

    • How is is “taking” – nobody is forcing you to do this.

  4. Kind of sad. It’s been such a tradition for my family to take a picture standing by our brick before we enter the Magic Kingdom. Thank goodness we were just there last month. We had no idea it would be our last brick visit.

  5. The bricks (pavers) were only to be placed for ten years after purchase. The form you filled out and you signed said that. It was very clear. It’s not that they want to upset everyone its because the bricks would never last longer then that. If you take a stroll around the paths just take a look at the ones places in the 90’s. You can barely read many of them because of all the foot traffic.
    I am happy Disney is at least giving us an option to get a replica. Now I do wish they were full size though. I also wish everyone could have their actual brick but that would be a logistical nightmare.
    I did a lot of research on these things back in 2006, and even got the Disney execs to bring them back for a year or two. I also found out who actually made the bricks for them. Got to know the Disney cast member that was in charge of the maintenance and upkeep towards the end.
    I was even lucky enough to actual hold onto the brick that was for my good friends.

    It is sad it is going away, I’m upset with much of what Disney has removed or are taking away. Change is hard especially taking away your memories. At least the laser etchings at Epcot will be moved to another location instead of being tossed.

  6. Is this only Disneyworld ? We have one at Disneyland.

  7. I understand the need for change but super sad we can’t get our original brick back….we got one of the silver ones close to the entrance – we were just there last month – I would’ve at least gotten one last picture with it

  8. David Little says

    I would like to know what they are going to do with the original bricks? I purchased 1 as soon as they were offered, and I know exactly where it is. When I purchased it at the park I was told that if they were ever going to take them out, I would be given the choice to get it, or give the okay to relocate it. Like they say “read the fine print”. It was Disney, you didn’t believe someone would miss-lead you. I will be really upset if they are just going to throw them out. If that is what they are going to do we should be given the opportunity to obtain it.

  9. How can you purchase one if you did not have purchase one the first time?

  10. John Cory says

    This is terrible and just another example of Disney getting to big for their corporate britches! It’s not so much about family anymore as it is the almighty dollar, and Walt has got to be rolling over in his grave.

    • Not sure how Walt is rolling over in his grave when he was A.) A businessman who wanted to make money and B.) These bricks weren’t even a creation when he was alive.

      The bricks were committed to be in place since 2011, so, anyone who had one actually had eight more years than promised.

  11. This is terrible they should give us the option of getting our stones they are just going to destroy them I would like to have mine Disney is all about the money now We have been going there for years it’s not the same anymore

    • The bricks are not designed to be pulled up separately as they will end up broken. That is why they are giving guests the option of getting a replica.

      Not sure how it is all about the money when the bricks were only committed to be in place until 2011. Anyone who had one had it there at least eight years longer than promised in the first place.

  12. Ok I understand the need for change ( don’t like it but get it)
    What I don’t get is why the original owners have to pay to get a
    replica??? Not only are we losing something we already paid for
    Now we are helping with the expense of having them distroyed

  13. Make all the excuses you like. I am furious about this! I purchased three in 1999 and paid handsomely. WDW is not Walt Disney’s dream and hope anymore. All about how much money they can “scrape” us for. Am lifetime lover of Disney until just now. Too much commercialism, cheaply made products and newer attraction/rides nothing the likes of Walt Disney. Felt my grandchildren would someday see our bricks. Not happening. Thank for nothing disney. RIP Walt.

    • There isn’t an excuse to be made. The bricks were never said to be permanent and were only committed to be in place until 2011. So, anyone who purchased one actually received at least eight more years than promised.

      I didn’t personally know Walt Disney, but it seems from your words that you appeared to know him. Not knowing him, though, I won’t speak for him or what he wanted or would like.

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