The ‘Find A Paint Brush’ Game On Tom Sawyer Island Has Returned To Magic Kingdom

Interactive games like Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom have popped up in different Walt Disney World parks, but it’s time to play an old school one. The “Find A Paint Brush” game on Tom Sawyer Island has returned, and it’s more fun than you may even begin to realize.

tom sawyer's island paint brush game title

For those who aren’t familiar with the game, here is a quick rundown of something that may thought may be a Walt Disney World myth.

Guests visiting Tom Sawyer Island could go searching for a paint brush laying off somewhere in a bush or on a fence post or anywhere like that. If they found it and turned it into a Cast Member, they would receive a complimentary FastPass to use later in the day.

For quite some time, the game hasn’t been played and paint brushes were seen on the island, but only cemented down and part of the decor. The last official day to find a paint brush as part of the game was January 6, 2013.

Well, it seems as if almost seven years to the day, the game has returned.

tom sawyer's island paint brush game 2

Image credit: Shannon McKenzie Weems in “I’m So Disney”

Shanne McKenzie Weems in the Facebook group “I’m So Disney…” posted images of her family holding a paint brush and standing with a Cast Member. Upon speaking with the Cast Members on Tom Sawyer Island, she found out that January 7, 2020, was the first day the game had returned.

Due to My Disney Experience, the prize for finding a paint brush was not a FastPass, but it was a cool certificate.

tom sawyer's island paint brush game

Image credit: Shannon McKenzie Weems in “I’m So Disney”

It’s not yet known if the paint brush game has returned as a permanent fixture on Tom Sawyer Island, but this is pretty awesome. TSI is an often missed gem when guests visit Walt Disney World, but it’s so much fun to visit and this is even more of a reason to head on over.

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