Josh Gad Will Read You A Bedtime Story During This Outbreak Of The Coronavirus, And It Is Incredible

If you’re looking for a way to pass the time and for something to make you smile, Josh Gad has the perfect solution for you. No, he won’t show up at your house dressed as Olaf, but he will read you a bedtime story live on Twitter and it is simply amazing.

josh gad bedtime story giving tree twitter

Many are stressed out right now and worried about what is going on in the world with COVID-19. Some have been quarantined. Others have had to self-quarantine. Many have had work or school called off and are stuck in the house, but these difficult times make us even more thankful for great people like Josh Gad.

The voice of Olaf took to his Twitter account this past Friday to livestream a reading of a bedtime story to the world. He didn’t care your age or where you’re from if you wanted to tune in as Gad simply wanted you to enjoy.

“Since we’re all stuck at home right now I figured we would have a little fun together, so I’m going to see how this goes, but I decided I’m gonna read to your and your children or just you, depending on what you prefer. I’m not gonna pass judgment right now since the world is a little bit of a hot mess.”

Since then, he has done a few more live readings, and honestly…we hope he continues this trend. It is not only entertaining, but incredibly kind on his part and something that just warms your spirit and soul.

Check out Sunday night’s reading below and be prepared as “The Giving Tree” is truly a tear-jerker.

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